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“本” 字旨在提醒自己不受環境迷惑,將自身的特色發揮。

As western culture strongly influences the world, products in different regions and areas are gradually losing its own locally distinctive styles. It is often difficult to pinpoint the origins of certain products, and the phenomenon is especially obvious in Taiwan. After contemplating what could best describe Taiwan besides shape and form, I have discovered bamboos that grew up in Taiwan’s unique landform and distinctive climate are the special materials that cannot be copied and imitated elsewhere. Based on the distinctiveness of bamboos, I try to discover how to apply bamboo crafting to its fullest with the most charismatic way possible.

To show the flexibility and tenacity nature of bamboo and the special technique of Taiwanese traditional crafts, I made an extremely simple shape of the image of “本”
(the character 本, meaning “origin”, represents the shape of roots, as an attempt to remind us of our ethnicity and bravely display our distinctive characteristics no matter where we are ) which looks like classic western chandelier but combine some eastern feathers. The chandelier glorifies the beauty of the natural material itself. It seems familiar but altogether somewhat different from the typically chandelier.

Collaboration with NCTRI
Chandelier / Bamboo Craft